Howard Shooter

Howard Shooter is an award winning food photographer with over 20 years expertise. Howard developed a passion for photography from a very early age and is a very keen cook. He specialises in photographic re-branding and all things food related whether they be studio, location, portraits or film, flash or daylight. He has created a purpose built food studio in Camden, London where he works with a team of the best food and prop stylists. His attention to detail and passion has helped him create an international reputation and has built him a global client base that includes Walkers Crisps, Pepsi co, Marks & Spencer, KFC, Lipton, Premier Foods, Mars, Hellman’s, Dell’ Ugo Pasta, The Hilton Group, Weetabix and Wagamama to name a few. He also has two food photography and film hire studios - which are considered to be some of the best equipped in London. By the way… Shooter is his real name.